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28 / August / 2018

Gerlitzen 1 10 point

Gerlitzen 1


10 point
Lanovkou z Annenheimu.
  • Easy to access
  • Parking is available in the near
  • There's an elevator
  • Easy to find
  • Asphalt road
  • Marked hiking trails nearby
  • Flights which does not require permissions

The site

10 point
Široká lúka pod "loďou". Pokiaľ sú slušné letové podmienky, vždy je tam kopa pilotov.
  • Wide airstrip
  • Ordered, maintained
  • Easy take off
  • Recommended for beginners too


10 point
Príjemné lietanie ponad jazero Ossiacher See
  • Flyable whole year
  • There are no impeding objects


10 point
V Annenheime vedľa kempu dve veľké pristávačky. Aj veľa iných možností na lúkach a pasienkoch.
  • Easy landing
  • Landing area is located near to the site
  • Can fly back to the site
  • Landing is available only in a specified place


10 point
Pekný spot, lokálne lietanie, možnosť trénovať SIV alebo akro nad vodou.
  • It's worth to come back
  • I recommend
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